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Miss Myers
London, United Kingdom

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  35 South East Mistresses Listed
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Facesitting Mistress Dominatrix  
Facesitting Mistress
Watford, Hertfordshire, UK, United Kingdom
Facesit, smother & suffocate UK Mistress in Watford (Hertfordshire) & Glasgow (Scotland)
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Mistress Alexi Dominatrix  
Mistress Alexi
Southampton,London UK, United Kingdom
Domination is what I live for and I will always be in control at all times as I have always had a very domineering presence about me but with a slight twist as my Beauty will capture you as I am a sensual strict Mistress and I assure you once you walk through my door you will be quivering on your knees with anticipation.
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Mistress Elaine Dominatrix  
Mistress Elaine
Epsom, Surrey, United Kingdom
I am lifestyle Mistress who simply loves to share what I do with new people. I have been training sissy male maids for 15 years now and am a perfectionist ! I can be strict or sensual, but this for me is very real and serious. I specialise in maid training or feminisation. I am assisted by the Governess Emma, and we can offer stunning uniforms all hand made and the best quality of all things... such as corsets and shoes and lingerie etc. We aim to make you feel like you are stepping into a real lifestyle.
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Mistress Alaska Dominatrix  
Mistress Alaska
Portsmouth, Hampshire, United Kingdom
I am an experienced, erotic and selective professional Mistress based in Portsmouth. I enjoy all aspects of BDSM ranging from tie and tease, cp, electrics, wax play, whipping and much more. Contact me on 07906 118460 Email: I consider myself firm but fair and although I respect boundaries, I expect you, as the submissive to submit to me without question.
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Mistress Atrum Dea Dominatrix  
Mistress Atrum Dea
Gillingham, Kent, United Kingdom
Mistress Atrum Dea I am Mistress Atrum Dea, a BBW, Dominant and Sadistic Mistress with a playful attitude. Voluptuous Divine Goddess Professional • Dominatrix • Sissificatrix • Humiliatrix • BBW Suffocatrix • Torturess Supreme
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Mistress Odessia Dominatrix  
Mistress Odessia
Luton Bedfordshire , United Kingdom
Mistress Odessia is a sensual goddess, who is a fine purveyor of the art of fetish and fantasy . Strong beautiful and dominant with a lively vivid imagination. Make Your Fantasy A Reality.
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Lady Dawn Cane Dominatrix  
Lady Dawn Cane
Bracknell, United Kingdom
Professional Mature Dominatrix / Domestic Disciplinarian offering discreet sessions for discerning submissives in Bracknell Berkshire. CP, CBT, foot worship, smoking
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Cecilia Prim Dominatrix  
Cecilia Prim
Margate, United Kingdom
I am not your normal Mistress in fact I don’t really like that term as in these modern days it conjures up thoughts of some cheap floosie that is dressed in hardly anything and will do anything for money. I am not one of these girls, I am well traveled, well educated and dress as a true Mistress would of done in years gone by. A Mistress was a lady who you fell in love with, who you would visit and be under her spell. You would lust after a glimpse of her stocking tops and the sight of her long legs...
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